Checking Out Gunboats:  Tribe & Fault Tolerant
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Checking Out Gunboats: Tribe & Fault Tolerant

About Gunboats Gunboat was started in 2002 with an aim to produce a high-performance cruising catamaran. They are beautiful, fast boats outfitted with many of life’s luxuries. Of course, that means they also come with a hefty price tag. We’ve had the chance to meet two Gunboats and their full-time crew. The boats are beautifully…

Sailing Reports

Sailing from Marsh Harbour, Bahamas to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sailing Passage Summary Leaving from Marsh Harbour, Bahamas, we covered 1431 nautical miles in almost exactly 9 days, averaging over 6.625 knots. We experienced thick fog, heavy rain showers, and some rough seas. We caught our beautiful tuna and had a school of about a dozen common dolphins join us on the bow.  The tuna…