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Sailing Reports

Sailing Reports

Sailing Brazil to the Caribbean

After spending two weeks in Recife it was time to get moving on the last overnight passage of our circumnavigation! We’d had a fantastic time visiting our friends Hans and Karina, who we have known for six years and who live in Recife. We tackled a huge project, joined Hans as a harbor pilot for…

Sailing Reports

Sailing to Saint Helena

Days at sea: 11.98 Nautical Miles: 1,846 Average speed: 6.42 knots (154 nm/day) Fastest day: 7.5 knots avg (180 nm/day) Slowest day: 5.25 knots avg (126 nm/day) We were lucky to get to spend almost six weeks exploring Cape Town, but it was time to move on and across the south Atlantic! On January 8th,…

Sailing Reports

Sailing the Mozambique Channel

After a month in Madagascar, it was time for us to tackle the next big hurdle – the Mozambique Channel.  The forecast included a mix of wind directions, but we knew we would get some sailing in with winds coming from the north, and those were the conditions for which we were waiting.  That, and…

Sailing Reports

Running Out of Fuel in the Indian Ocean

We knew that we needed to leave Gan, our last port in the Maldives, with as much fuel as possible. With temperatures so high, we were struggling to make it through the day without running the air conditioning, and being so close to the equator, winds were light or non-existent. We left Gan with a…

Sailing Reports | Vanuatu

Sailing to Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Vanuatu is one of the lesser-touristed countries in the South Pacific.  We had originally planned to spend a few weeks there, but instead found ourselves only spending a few days.  Thankfully, though, we decided to spend those few days on Tanna Island, doing one of Vanuatu’s most popular attractions – the Yasur Volcano. Where is…