In 2014, we sold most of our possessions, bought a boat, and took off to sail around the world – and so can you!

Since we left, we’ve shared our adventures with these goals in mind:

  • Have a record in pictures, words, and videos to remember for the rest of our lives
  • Encourage people who want to take off sailing themselves
  • Share the world with those who can’t get out here

Will you be out sailing soon? Or is it a pipe dream? Maybe someday you’ll visit some fantastic places over the world, even if it’s not via sailboat.

Amy “The Admiral” Alton

At the helm as a teenager in the BVIs.

My life has always been around the water.  My grandfather owned over thirty boats in his lifetime in the maritime industry.  My dad started his own boat business with a fleet of five boats, which I eventually took over.  My sailing experience started with dingies at summer camp, while having various adventures growing up; charter trips and sailing with my uncle on his Hinkley 32.

Now, I am a USCG 100 Ton Master with a Sailing Endorsement.  I have sailed over 45,000 nm on our catamaran, Starry Horizons.

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David “The Captain” Alton

David did not have the boating background growing up that I did, but has become more passionate about it than me. David took his first sail with my dad on our Maine Cat 30. From there, he went on to also become a USCG 100 Ton Master with Sailing Endorsement.

The Story of Us

We met in Houston in November of 2008. Amy likes to say that she knew David was a keeper when on their third date, he managed to break one wine glass while attempting to open a wine bottle before they ate dinner, and then manage to break another one while he was doing the dishes. The next time they got together, David had a set of wine glasses to replace the ones he broke, and also a plastic one just for his use!

We both really enjoy traveling and have been extremely fortunate to travel to several countries together. We got engaged in Costa Rica, had our honeymoon in Roatan, Honduras and have also been to the World Cup in South Africa, Dubai, England, France, the BVI’s, Belize, St. Martin, St. Barts, St. Kitts and Nevis. All this travel just made us desire even more and our experience with Star Fleet gave us the confidence to buy Starry Horizons and take off on a circumnavigation.

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