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The Best of Our Travel Life

David and I were fairly well traveled before we met, and it’s one of the things we bonded over on our first date. David did a study abroad in Vienna, I’d traveled around Europe and the Caribbean and had taken trips to Asia and Australia. Now, we’ve been traveling full time since October 2014, sailing…

Travel Tips

Health Insurance for Full Time Travel

All prices are in USD.  We are Americans, Blowing Bubbles is Canadian. In October, our friends on S/V Blowing Bubbles were in a major accident in Indonesia.  Kyle was evacuated to Singapore, where they received a $78,000 medical bill. We’ve had small medical bills here and there in our four years of travel.  Many of…

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10 Adventures to Inspire You

In this day and age, the internet is filled with people getting the word out about their fabulous adventures!  While we take inspiration from a lot of the obvious ones who are doing similar trips to us (like Delos and Roam), we find travel inspiration in a variety of places.  Here are some adventures we…

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Using Cash While Traveling

While traveling through the islands of the South Pacific, we were moving from Fiji to Port Resolution on Tanna Island, where there was not an ATM available.  We needed cash to be able to clear formalities and pay for things in Port Resolution, so for the first time in my life, I went to use…

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Using our Phones

We’ve already covered communications at sea, where we are out of cell phone service.  But what about being near shore?  How do we use our cell phones to communicate with family, friends, and make arrangements on land? Google Voice Transfer Step one for us was to transfer our number to Google Voice.  This allowed us…