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The Best of Our Travel Life

David and I were fairly well traveled before we met, and it’s one of the things we bonded over on our first date. David did a study abroad in Vienna, I’d traveled around Europe and the Caribbean and had taken trips to Asia and Australia. Now, we’ve been traveling full time since October 2014, sailing…

Saint Helena

Saint Helena: A South Atlantic Exploration

Like so many places we’ve had the privilege to go to, Saint Helena is not a place many people have visited, or even know of.  It’s incredibly remote, but a beautiful and unique place that we got to visit while sailing across the South Atlantic Ocean on our boat, Starry Horizons. Saint Helena has a…

South Africa

Guide to South Africa

On January 20th, we departed Cape Town after 70 days in South Africa. This was our second visit to South Africa, and considering how much we love Cape Town and the stunning wildlife available here, it has easily been a favorite stop for us in our five and a half years of travel. This was…

South Africa

Sailing the Coast of South Africa

We spent 70 days in South Africa, sailing the coast from Richards Bay to Cape Town.   Strategy for Sailing Around South Africa For many boats coming from the Indian Ocean, South Africa is a bit of a haven – protected from cyclones, favorable exchange rate, lots of services and luxuries available.  However, it is…

South Africa

Thirteen Things We Did in Cape Town

My memories of my first trip to Cape Town in 2010 are a bit fuzzy.  I remember clearly our safari in Kruger – my first safari – and I remember the tastes of Stellenbosch – bobotie and JC Le Roux sparkling wine.  The rest is just a vague sense that I loved Cape Town. Now,…

South Africa

The Hop On Hop Off Bus in Cape Town

It wasn’t until the very end of our five weeks in Cape Town that we found a free day to take the Hop On Hop Off Bus.  My uncle Jim was with us, and while he had done some roaming about town on his own, this was his biggest adventure out in Cape Town.  …