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Taking Apart Our Forestay

On our sail from Saint Helena to Brazil, we noticed something quite troubling. The set screws that hold our forestay together were backing out, and some were already completely missing. This was causing misalignment between the luff extensions and was damaging our sail. A properly aligned luff extension: Our misaligned one. You can see the…

Boat Gear

Cruising Catamarans and Hydrogenerators

We tackled a slew of projects in Cape Town, and one of them was installing a new hydrogenerator. Since then, we’ve sailed over 6,000 nm on three long passages. Let’s talk about how our hydrogenerator has worked out. What is a Hydrogenerator? A hydrogenerator is a unit that sits on the back of our boat….

Cruising Lifestyle

Cruising Risk Management Assessment & Plan

This post is a collaborative effort between myself and ‘Hope’ from Covert Castaway.  I heard her podcast episode titled Getting a Risk Plan and was very intrigued by what exactly a risk management plan for a cruising boat would look like on paper.   Hope is familiar with risk management assessments through her job as a…


Goiot Escape Hatch Failures on Cruising Catamarans

Just what you don’t want: a very big hole in your boat. That’s what’s happened to a lot of catamaran owners over that past several years. And shockingly, this hole was designed to be in our boats for safety reasons. Here’s what happened. What are Escape Hatches? Escape hatches are a hatch installed towards the…

Sailing Tips & Tricks

Best Sailing Destinations

I recently wrote about our best travel destinations, talking about some of our highlights from our well-traveled life. However, there is a huge difference between a place being good to travel to (via land) versus being a good place to go cruising or sailing (via boat). We’ve been sailing around the world since 2014, and…

Travel Tips

The Best of Our Travel Life

David and I were fairly well traveled before we met, and it’s one of the things we bonded over on our first date. David did a study abroad in Vienna, I’d traveled around Europe and the Caribbean and had taken trips to Asia and Australia. Now, we’ve been traveling full time since October 2014, sailing…