We’re very glad to be able to afford the cruising life, but we like to keep busy too!  We know that some day we will go back to work and land life.  In the meantime, we have hobbies that we enjoy that may become potential careers.  

If you have a desire for any of our services, please contact us.

Buy Our Photos

See a photo you like on our blog?  Shot us an email and you can purchase a high-resolution version of the photo. Our DSLR shoots 24 megapixels, a size that is perfect for posters or computer desktops.  Photos are $20 USD for the digital file, or you can order a print at the $20 USD + cost.

Brand Ambassador

Want us to test out your product or promote your services on our website?  Contact us to work out some details and give it a test run.  We are willing to work in exchange for goods and services instead of monetary compensation.

Captain and/or Crew

Amy and David are available for hire as delivery captains and/or crew.  With 8 years of sailing together and 30,000 nautical miles of our circumnavigation, we are well experienced to help you sail your boat anywhere in the world.  We’ve sailed across both the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, as well as cruised Eastern North America, the Caribbean, and South Pacific.  98% of our miles on Starry Horizons were without additional crew, and relying on only ourselves for weather routing, maintenance, repairs, and navigation.  We are happy to provide assistance in helping set up cruising boats and teaching you more about offshore sailing.  Both Amy and David have 100T USCG Master’s licenses.

In addition, Amy can be hired as chef and steward.  She has experience in planning, provisioning, and preparing meals in a wide variety of countries.  Having owned a restaurant, Amy understands food safety and proper storage, as well as menu creation and event planning.

Click here for our sailing resume.


We travel with comprehensive equipment to photograph and film venues and boats in high definition.  We can provide you with raw photos and videos, or we can edit the raw footage into a clip suitable for HD viewing on websites or social media.

View our video portfolio on Vimeo.

View indoor photos of our boat here.

Photo and Video Editing

Our skills in photo and video editing our greatly increasing, and we love sharing our work!  If you’d like to improve your travel photos and videos, we can help you.

Photos can be edited for color improvement, cropping, exposure issues, and removal of distractions.  Our rate is $60 USD per 20 photos.

Raw video files can be edited for color and stability.  An approximately 3-minute video with royalty-free music, simple transitions, and a title card can be made from 30 minutes of raw footage for $60 USD.  This is great for putting together a simple video to share on YouTube with your friends and family, and is perfect for travels!