Galveston Art Tour by Bicycle
Texas | United States

Galveston Art Tour by Bicycle

I’m a proud Houstonian; I’ve lived there most of my life (from about two years old on).  I graduated high school out in the ‘burbs, bought my first house inside the loop, and my parents still live out in Clear Lake.  And all my life, Galveston has been about an hour drive away; a fun and…

Cruising Maine with Friends and Family
Maine | United States

Cruising Maine with Friends and Family

Our passage to Portland from Lunenburg was quick! Sail Repair One of our first orders of business was getting the spinnaker out. The spinnaker rip was fixed by Canadian Sail Makers, a Doyle rep, who had the sail the whole time we were in Canada. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the capability to furl the sail,…


Passage through the Florida Bay

We departed Palmetto Thursday morning at 9 am.  I have done a ton of research on this route, speaking with other boat owners and delivery captains to determine that yes, we can cut through the Florida Bay instead of going around the Keys. The biggest hurdle is the Snake Creek Bridge. Our friend Rick, back…

Florida | United States

Three Days in Miami

There’s a ton to see and do in Miami. I’ve been three times, exploring different parts of Miami each time. I’d break it up into a day for each place: Miami proper, Key Biscayne to be outdoorsy, and Miami Beach for the scene! Eat So Much Food Miami is the best place in the US…