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Bermuda: One Week

We visited Bermuda via our sailboat, making a pit stop for provisioning and a break from the Atlantic Ocean. While there, we had four of our friends come to stay with us. The two couples, Jacky and John and Brownyn and Tony, are close friends of ours. Where to Stay in Bermuda Transportation around Bermuda…

Bermuda | Travel & Sailing Blog

Cruising in Bermuda

Bermuda isn’t exactly a top cruising destination; it’s more of a pit stop on the way from the East Coast to the Caribbean. There aren’t many protected anchorages available, but the islands are lovely and unique. About Bermuda Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory, so it’s not autonomous, but is self-governing. It’s 181 islands, but…

Bermuda | Travel & Sailing Blog

Sailing from Maine to Bermuda

Before I tell you about our passage, I’d just like to point out a big celebration – we passed 10,000 nm on Starry Horizons!  It’s been almost one year since she was launched, and we can’t believe we’ve covered so much ground in so little time, hitting seven countries! We left Robinhood Marine Center Wednesday,…