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Galveston Art Tour by Bicycle

I’m a proud Houstonian; I’ve lived there most of my life (from about two years old on).  I graduated high school out in the ‘burbs, bought my first house inside the loop, and my parents still live out in Clear Lake.  And all my life, Galveston has been about an hour drive away; a fun and…


Panama City, Panama

We found ourselves in Panama City, the capital of Panama, after sailing through the Panama Canal. Being on the small isthmus between the two oceans – Atlantic and Pacific – Panama City was a huge hub for trade, piracy, and Spanish conquistadors. The original city, now referred to as Panama Viejo, was set on fire…


Sailing the Panama Canal

Sailing the Panama Canal is one of the most amazing experiences of our trip.  It is expensive to get your boat through, but getting to see the Panama Canal up close and personal is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and sure as heck beats sailing the long way around.  You don’t have to have a boat to…


Shelter Bay Marina

We are LOVING Shelter Bay Marina.  It’s a great place to hang out with other cruisers, stock your boat, and wait for your turn to transit the Panama Canal. Safe Haven From a sailing standpoint, it is extremely sheltered. We’ve had a few windy days, but even then, the water is flat calm. It doesn’t…