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Bermuda isn’t exactly a top cruising destination; it’s more of a pit stop on the way from the East Coast to the Caribbean.

There aren’t many protected anchorages available, but the islands are lovely and unique.

About Bermuda

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory, so it’s not autonomous, but is self-governing. It’s 181 islands, but the two biggest are connected via a road.

It is in the hurricane zone, and also tends to get chilly in the winter.

Bermuda is a popular endpoint for many races or rallies coming from the States.

Bermuda’s currency, the Bermuda Dollar, is tied to the US dollar.

Hamilton versus St George

Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda and a bustling city. This is where the financial district is – all the offshore investing and banking happens here. There’s also a huge marina and yachting center. However, it is NOT a clearance port.

St George’s is where the yachts come to clear into Bermuda. It is the historic first settlement in Bermuda and the third-oldest settlement in the Americas. It’s quieter, full of history and a well-protected (and free) anchorage.

Hamilton has anchorages, but shore access is trickier, and unless you need a marina, why leave St George’s?

Convict Bay Anchorage

Our anchorage in St George’s, called Convict Bay, just off of Ordinance Island, is great holding and only 15 feet deep.  The dinghy dock is convenient, easy walking to lots of tourist destinations, beaches, and the buses.

There is even a really nice public restroom in King’s Square (nicer than most of the restaurants’ restrooms nearby).  

Provisioning in St George’s

I’d been told that things were expensive in Bermuda, and yes, they are! Here in St George’s, I shopped at Somers Supermarket. It’s a well-stocked store, even for specialty items like soy milk or smoked salmon. Tell the cashier you are on a yacht and you get 5% off. In the back, they have a hot prepared foods buffet, which looks to be popular for lunch take-out.

Here are some prices we paid:

1 Dozen Eggs $4.95
Rotisserie Chicken $11.99
Pack of thick-sliced, Oscar Meyer bacon $7.99
Eggplant $3.99/lb
Zucchinis $2.99/lb
5 lbs of red potatoes $5.99
Bermudan Pumpkin $2.39/lb
3 heads of romaine lettuce $6.99
Red Pepper $5.99/lb
Lamb Kabobs $8.99/lb
Ground Beef $4.99/lb
2.5 lbs of frozen Tyson chicken breasts $11.35 ($4.54/lb)
5 lbs of frozen Tyson drumsticks and thighs $15.99 ($3.20/lb)

We had guests aboard during our time in Bermuda and departed with full pantries, so I have no complaints about the stores!

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  1. I can’t believe how much you paid for eggs!! I’m so impressed at your ease in planning & preparing what I know are delicious gourmet meals on the boat. Just wondering-do you have a convection oven? Do you use a crockpot? How big is your freezer? Oven? Fridge?

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