Helia Test Sail
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Helia Test Sail

When I first became aware of the Helia and thought it might be a potential winner in our ‘boat for a trip around the world’ sweepstakes, I read every review I could get my hands on. And believe me, there are a lot. However, nothing compares to getting out on the water and seeing how…

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Books for Offshore Medical Treatment

Any long-term cruising or minor offshore passage is going to involve spending time away from easy access to health care.  Even when you are near health care, there’s always going to be a risk factor in getting medical attention – in the States, the damage might be to your bank account, but elsewhere, it might…

Choosing a Boat:  Find Your Ideal Sailing Catamaran
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Choosing a Boat: Find Your Ideal Sailing Catamaran

When starting an adventure like this, the hardest decision is what boat to choose.  I spent countless hours in the years before we bought Starry Horizons scouring all corners of the internet, looking at manufacturer’s websites, reading boat reviews, lurking on forums and trying to learn as much as possible in order to make sure…