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Books for Offshore Medical Treatment


Last Updated on September 13, 2023 by Amy

Any long-term cruising or minor offshore passage is going to involve spending time away from easy access to health care.  Even when you are near health care, there’s always going to be a risk factor in getting medical attention – in the States, the damage might be to your bank account, but elsewhere, it might mean subpar treatment.  That’s why it’s critical to travel with these books for rural medical treatment.

Where There Is No Doctor/Dentist

Both these guides are available for a free download from the Hesperian Health Guides Organization. This is the go-to book for health care in rural places, such as remote parts of Africa. I’ve often heard of it talked about in PeaceCorp and NGO circles.

Buy a hard copy of Where There is No Doctor on Amazon.

Buy a hard copy of Where There is No Dentist on Amazon.

The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide

In 1867, Britain passed The Merchant Shipping Act, a remarkable piece of legislation to advance the protection of seamen.  Prior, 10% of men who went to sea died while out there – thank god we don’t have those numbers anymore!  

The Merchant Shipping Act required the basics of health and medical care for the crew.  The UK Government published the first edition of The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide.  Its 22nd edition was published in 2014.  

Purchase a hard copy of The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide on Amazon.

Wilderness and Rescue Medicine

This book was recommended by our Offshore Emergency Medicine Course. Wilderness and Rescue Medicine is written exactly for people like us; adventurers who are hours away from proper medical care. Most of the photos and stories are of hiking experiences, but they relate to sailing well.

Get your hard copy of Wilderness and Rescue Medicine on Amazon.

Thank goodness in all of our time cruising, we’ve never needed to refer to any of these guides. But, we are so glad to have those resources on hand!

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