Miami to Palmetto: Around the Keys


Last Updated on November 29, 2019 by Amy

After five weeks in Miami commissioning our new boat with our broker and tackling a few other projects, we left the Miami River bound for Palmetto Florida.

We departed Sunday, March 1st. Passing through the 75-foot fixed bridges and bascule bridges on the Miami River was uneventful, and we enjoyed saying goodbye to landmarks we’ve gotten to know during our stay: Fountainhead, Mark Cuban’s megayacht; downtown Miami; the cruise ship harbor; South Beach.

After getting into the open ocean, before hitting the Gulf Stream, we turned south. Unfortunately, we had to dodge a lot of lobster or crab pots along the coast.

We passed an Air Force base near Key West before being joined by a pod of large dolphins who played in our bow.

48 hours after leaving Miami, we pulled into Regatta Pointe Marina in Palmetto, our base for the next few months of boat projects!


  1. Hi Guys,
    Got excited about the video — fun to see we walked by Fountainhead during the Boat Show and you guys were moored just up the canal. Are you able to post the route from the nav system?

    Steps? You mentioned you were on 5 and 6 is Bahamas. Is there a previous blog that describes the steps? Very interested to understand your plan (s).

    What’s the plan in Tampa? More add-ons?

    Can’t wait to see the Bahamas plans — I looking at a Cat charter in early June.

    Keep Calm and Wax On!


    1. Hey Cal,

      I haven’t tried to take the route from our Raymarine plotter and convert to a postable image or anything yet. If I can find the time (no promises in the short term!) I’ll see what I can do.

      We touched on our 6 step plan in our Adios Miami post, so check it out and hopefully that will clarify things a bit.

      Amy just touched on some of the big plans for Tampa but basically yes, more customizing the boat. Biggest things are solar, a helm hard top and custom enclosure.

      We may end up heading over to the Bahamas early June timeframe, so definitely keep in touch and it’d be great to meet up!


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