DIY Silverware Organizer for Boats or RVs


Last Updated on September 4, 2019 by Amy

We’ve had a problem with our silverware drawer since we moved onto our boat. It’s small, and we hadn’t found a good organizer to fit into the drawer. The only one we could find (in France) was too small, the knives didn’t fit properly, and the serving utensils had no home. I looked online once we got to the states, and everything was too big, even the expandable ones were too big at their smallest.  I started to search for other options and came up with DIY Drawer Organizer for $6. Before you get all crazy excited, let me tell you it does NOT cost $6.

It cost me $20 and a few hours of hard work.

While it didn’t come out amazingly perfect, it is very functional and I am much happier with my DYI silverware drawer organizer. I used a 4′ x 2′ piece of 1/4″ thick birch wood, from the hobby section of lumber at Home Depot.  Home Depot cut it for me into 3″ strips.  I used wire nails and skipped the Gorilla Glue because it was too hard to keep the parts together for drying.  There, I just saved you $3.

Behold our new drawer organizer!  And don’t judge all the wine-related items….

Before: mayhem.
Before: mayhem
Planning out dividers.
Planning out dividers.
Finished product!  Everything on the very right: booze related.

Doing this DYI silverware drawer organizer also encouraged me to remove two items – my garlic press (I can mince by hand or chop in the food processor) and a butterfly wine opener (as opposed to the two server wine openers I have.  Don’t know the difference?  Learn here).

Hope you had just as productive of a day as I did!

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