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Vaccines for Cruisers

***I am not a medical professional.  Just sharing the research I’ve done regarding our trip.  Talk to your doctor!*** Yesterday we went to our PCP to discuss medical concerns for cruising.  At our Offshore Emergency Medicine course, it was recommended that we talk to our physicians and get a personalized approach to our medical care…

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Miami Boat Show Seminars

Miami Boat Show Seminars Marine Weather with Chris Parker – Chris Parker is a name cruisers run into on the internet quite often. He is the chief forecaster for the Marine Weather Center. I have read from several people who have depended on Chris’ forecasting to make sure their travels are safe. Chris’ seminar was…

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Exploring Miami

Not only did we get to attend the boat show, but we got to spend a couple of extra days checking out Miami! Hotel: We stayed in the Springhill Suites Miami Airport East Medical Center. The location not the nicest part of town, but it worked out well for us. Particularly because we had free…

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Gift Ideas for Cruisers & Sailors

Buying gifts for cruisers is hard – we have limited space and tend to live minimalist lifestyles. But, there are plenty of items out there that are great gifts for cruisers! For the Active Sailor Dyneema is incredibly useful around the boat, and though it’s expensive, small amounts are often needed for projects. Soft shackles…

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Tips for Annapolis Sailboat Show

When looking for a boat show to attend in the US, there’s no better show to go to than the Annapolis Boat Show’s Sailboat Show.  Here’s why and our experiences attending the show. What is the Annapolis Boat Show? Annapolis Boat Shows puts on four boat shows throughout the year in the Annapolis Area.  The…