Provisioning with the help of Amazon


Last Updated on November 28, 2019 by Amy

Provisioning our boat now is an extremely different experience than while in Europe!  Instead of struggling to find certain items (peanut butter) and hauling carts full of food back to the boat with my own manpower, I am taking advantage of our Amazon Prime account and shopping from my couch.

Of course, this time I’m not provisioning as much of the fresh stuff as I did in Europe. Crossing from Florida to the Bahamas really only requires packing a lunch. While food is more expensive in the Bahamas, everyone eats and we’ll be able to buy fresh meats, produce, and hopefully lots of seafood!

I’m taking advantage of Amazon to order dry goods in bulk. We don’t have a Costco or Sam’s club membership, and often the local grocery store has what I want but I have to buy in smaller quantities. Soon enough, we won’t have a car to use to get to the store. Amazon’s grocery section allows us to stock up in bulk on items we use a lot of for cheaper than the store. I’ve stocked up on chips, nuts, dried fruit, and snacks.

Having a car has made things so much easier.  Anything I don’t buy on Amazon I can easily pick up from Winn-Dixie just a few minutes away.  The past few normal grocery runs I have been picking up extras of anything we will need.


While we won’t leave for about another week, it’s good to take care of the non-perishable items.  Provisioning in the Bahamas will be a bit limited, in part because we hope to be in pretty remote places (remote for the Bahamas anyway) and in part, because groceries are brought to the more remote Bahamian islands once a week, usually by boat.  We have to make sure our timing works out right if we want to get fresh produce and meats.  We will grocery shop in Alicetown, Bimini; Nassau, New Providence; and our departure point from the Bahamas to head up north will be strategically picked to have a grocery store and airport.


    1. Hey! We are in Regatta Pointe Marina right now, so everything gets sent to the ship’s store. Once we take off, we will rely on friends to bring us anything we need. Anything that’s not a rush will be ordered to meet us in Maine.

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