Eight Weeks Cruising the Maldives

Our time cruising the Maldives is over! We entered the country on March 27th, 2019 and left May 22, 2019, for a total of 56 days cruising from north to south. Snorkeling & Diving With the exception of the megafauna (whale sharks and manta rays), the underwater life in the Maldives was very disappointing. There…


Blue Lagoon, Fiji

The furthest north our adventure took us was to an area of Fiji called Blue Lagoon.  There are several islands here; Nunaya Levu, Nanuya Lailai, and Nacula Island. These islands are all in the Yasawa Group of Fiji, an island chain on the northwestern side. Nanuya Levu is where the movie The Blue Lagoon was…

Cruising Lifestyle

A Cruiser’s Education

We have met tons of cruising families while out chasing stars, and it’s obvious that a lot of their time and schedule revolves around homeschooling. Talking to (usually) cruising moms about how they structure classes and spend time teaching their kids got me thinking about how much David and I are learning organically from cruising….

French Polynesia

Top 10 Cruising Experiences in French Polynesia

We LOVED cruising French Polynesia. It is, hands-down, my favorite country we’ve been to, although David wavers between Nova Scotia (Canada) and French Polynesia (which are so different it’s like apple to oranges). It amazes me that it’s the longest we’ve been in one country but we didn’t even scratch the surface of some places (like the…

The Caribbean

Sailing Carriacou in Grenada

We’re approaching the end of three months of sailing the Caribbean.  Grenada is our last stop before taking off to the Panama Canal and the Pacific.  We sailed overnight from Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia.  Grenada is an opportunity to haul out one last time at Grenada Marine, but before we get there, we get to enjoy…