Blue Lagoon, Fiji


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The furthest north our adventure took us was to an area of Fiji called Blue Lagoon.  There are several islands here; Nunaya Levu, Nanuya Lailai, and Nacula Island. These islands are all in the Yasawa Group of Fiji, an island chain on the northwestern side.

Nanuya Levu is where the movie The Blue Lagoon was filmed.  This movie featured a very young Brooke Shields in 1980, and the gorgeous sandy beaches and clear water Fiji is well known for.  

Nowadays, there are several resorts in the area for all manner of travelers.  We visited while cruising Fiji on our sailing catamaran, Starry Horizons.  We had some special guests with us; my parents, Lisa and Bob, and my Uncle Phil.

Getting to Blue Lagoon

The Yasawa Flyer ferry run by Awesome Adventures does daily trips between the Yasawa Island chain and Denarau. Or, there are two seaplane companies that can arrange flights: Pacific Island Air or Turtle Airways.

Where to Stay

We spent most of our time around Nanuya Lailai, which has two hotels; Nanuya Island Resort and the Boathouse.  Nanuya Island Resort is a bit more upscale and the Boathouse is more budget-friendly.

Nunaya Levu, where The Blue Lagoon was filmed, is a private island resort called Turtle Island Resort.

Nacula Island is where the local village is.  There are a few resort options in Nacula, and some inexpensive backpacker places.

Activities Center

The activities center is open to rent water sports equipment.  We discussed snorkel locations with the shop, and I wish we’d gone diving!

General Store

We’d heard that produce was available through the general store and discovered that you just have to order the day before and the goods come directly from the resort’s farm.  I ordered cilantro (coriander), bananas, carrots, and bok choy.  The four of us hiked up the mountain to actually view the farm.  Basically, the farm was the back of the resort, with banana orchards and raised beds invading the bures at the back of the resort.

Hiking to Lo’s Teahouse

The next day all five of us took off on the hike to Lo’s Tea House.  It took us about 45 minutes, which beautiful vistas over the multicolored water and beaches.

Mom and bob enjoying the vista.

Lo’s was definitely a must-do.  We’d heard about the chocolate cake, but rumor hadn’t hit us about the DOUGHNUTS!  I looked at the menu and ordered one each: doughnut, banana cake, and chocolate cake.  Lena, the proprietor, cautioned me that we’d probably want more than just one doughnut and they take about 15 minutes to make.  How many doughnuts are in a batch?  Four.  SOLD.  And thank goodness.  Don’t get me wrong, both cakes were good but the doughnuts were AMAZING.  They are Fijian style, with a crispy texture on the outside and light and fluffy American-pancake style center.  They were served with some kind of sauce.  Worth the hike.  Plus, there were various handicrafts that my parents bought for souvenirs, and check out the view from Lo’s!

Walking the Beach

Just south of Nanuya Island Resort is a beach that is leased out by Blue Lagoon Cruises.  The hike to Lo’s comes out here, so although there are signs asking you not to use the beach, you don’t have much of a choice.  However, I would certainly avoid walking on this part of the beach while the cruise ship is in!

Dinner at Nanuya Resort

We had a wonderful dinner at Nanuya Resort (and a big one – everyone had leftovers to bring home).

My family in Fiji.

Lunch at the Boathouse

Lunch at the Boathouse was much more casual, with cocktails and burgers.

Snorkeling in Blue Lagoon

Mom and I snorkeled in the morning just off the resort’s jetty and had a few fantastic sightings.

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  1. Thank you Amy and David for such a wonderful time and adventure. It was so much fun and a great experience to share. I loved the fact I was celebrating the beginning of spring when at home it was the start of the fall leaf season. And you set me up well for my Southern California trip immediately on the heels of Fiji!

  2. Great post but it is impossible to capture how beautiful it was! However, those photos, especially the Milky Way shots are incredible. We had a great time!

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