Sailing Carriacou in Grenada


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We’re approaching the end of three months of sailing the Caribbean.  Grenada is our last stop before taking off to the Panama Canal and the Pacific.  We sailed overnight from Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia.  Grenada is an opportunity to haul out one last time at Grenada Marine, but before we get there, we get to enjoy a bit of fun sailing Carriacou, a small island in the north of Grenada.

Tyrell Bay

We arrived in Grenada at Tyrell Bay, Carriacou on February 6th. The bay was quite crowded, but we were able to snag a spot another boat was vacating to drop our hook. David went ashore for customs and I napped!

The next day we set off on a morning hike. Our guide book said we could get up Chapeau Carre, the second-highest peak on the island, but it said to go to the website for directions. No such luck on the website, so I decided to wing it. We docked Little Dipper and walked up the hill, down through town, and then passed the main dock.  After the main dock, take the first right.  It’s a residential area.  Then, take the first left.  This road goes up and eventually turns into an unpaved road.  You will come to a four-way intersection (with the lookout and gorgeous tree below on the right).  Take the left, which will bring your past a few houses and then the road curves to the right and goes up a VERY steep hill.  At the top of the hill is a pasture (complete with a cow) and you can walk to the right to get the gorgeous view of Tyrell Bay.


L’Esterre Bay

On the 8th we moved over to L’Esterre Bay.  There are some moorings there, but we dropped our anchor right next to a beautiful electric blue patch in the water.  In fact, all of the water around Carriacou is stunningly beautiful, probably the most gorgeous colors we have seen since the Bahamas.  David stayed on SH, while I dinghied over to Sandy Island to snorkel.  It was a nice snorkel, with lots of coral and fish.


After I got back we moved SH to Hillsborough for a more protected anchorage and some wifi.  We needed to get our ducks in a row for our next stop – Grenada Marine.

Sailing to Grenada Marine

We picked up in the morning on the 9th and spent all day sailing down the east coast of Grenada.  It was a wonderful sail, the winds off the port quarter (YAY DOWNWIND!).  We spent the whole time up at the helm together.

And then we arrived in Grenada Marine and it was time for work!

Watch the Video:  Sailing Grenada

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