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Snorkeling Off Your Cruising Boat

Snorkeling is one of our absolute favorite activities when we are cruising.  When the water is clear, I like to get in at least every other day for a snorkel.  It’s great exercise and exposes us to the marine wildlife around us.  Since we’ve been cruising for almost 5 years, we’ve racked up hundreds of…

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Magma Products Nesting Pots and Pans Review

I was already a huge fan of my Magma Products nesting cookware set.  I had brought a set over to France when we moved aboard the boat and easily fell in love with them.  However, after four years and some mistreatment on my part, my pans were not doing so well.  Thankfully, while in Langkawi…

Boat Gear | Boat Gear & Outfitting

Reducing Disposable Plastics

Cruising Southeast Asia has made me so angry about plastics. It’s horribly depressing to realize that while plastics and waste, in general, are an issue in the United States, it’s nothing compared to the issues in countries like Indonesia. The prevalence of single-use plastics is overwhelming. For example, at cultural events we were given snack…

Boat Gear | Boat Gear & Outfitting

Liferaft Servicing

Starry Horizons is over three years old, and that meant our liferaft, a VIKING RescYou™ liferaft, 6 person model, was due for a liferaft servicing. Getting your liferaft serviced is fascinating.  We got to watch Graham from MarineSafe pop open our liferaft.  He inflated it using the shop’s pump, and then he gave us a tour,…