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boat gear and outfitting

Boat Gear & Outfitting

Outfitting Our Cruising Catamaran

We purchased our boat new from the Fountaine Pajot factory. The boat buying process was long and challenging, and there were a variety of things we opted to do aftermarket instead of through the factory. Outfitting our boat to cruise around the world was done in several stages. Four Stages to Outfit our Boat First,…

Boat Gear & Outfitting

Dropping the Temperature

Having a catamaran means we get to enjoy so much living space aboard. A lot of our projects here have been aimed towards improving these spaces.  Another nice perk is our view, with four large windows in the main salon.  However, inside the main salon, without air flow and shade, the heat sky rockets during…

Boat Gear & Outfitting

Our Anchoring System

The anchor set up is one of the most critical points on the boat. The system has to hold a lot of weight when winds pick up, and Starry Horizons is no light-weight speedster. Here’s what we’ve done to make our anchoring system as good as possible. Anchor Bridle Our bridle set up is 1″…

Boat Gear & Outfitting

DIY Silverware Organizer for Boats or RVs

We’ve had a problem with our silverware drawer since we moved onto our boat. It’s small, and we hadn’t found a good organizer to fit into the drawer. The only one we could find (in France) was too small, the knives didn’t fit properly, and the serving utensils had no home. I looked online once we got…

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What’s in My Galley

I love to cook, and while I certainly am not cooking complicated foods like I did when we lived on land, we are certainly not suffering. David and I eat very well aboard Starry Horizons; three square meals, healthy snacks, lots of fresh food. Thankfully, our galley has a lot more space than most boats…