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Last Updated on September 13, 2023 by Amy

I was already a huge fan of my Magma Products nesting cookware set.  I had brought a set over to France when we moved aboard the boat and easily fell in love with them.  However, after four years and some mistreatment on my part, my pans were not doing so well.  Thankfully, while in Langkawi I was able to order a new set.  I was shocked to see so many amazing changes to the Magma pots & pans set!

My new Magma Nestling Cookware set.

Space Saving 10-Piece Set

The best part of the 10-Piece Nesting Pots & Pans Set made by Magma Products is the nesting aspect of it.  I have a pretty generous galley, but thanks to these pots and pans, I have room for more fun things in the galley.  The whole set only takes up about a 1/2 cubic foot of space.

It comes with five pots and pans, two lids, and two handles, plus a bungee cord to hold them all together.  I do not use the bungee cord and have not had any issues with the assembly staying together.

New Lid Knob

The knob on the lids that come with the set does not get hot anymore, so you don’t have to use a potholder to take the lid off.  Just one less thing to clutter the galley with.

Old lid knob.
New lid knob.

New Handles with Melt Protection

If your burners are bigger than your pot, the flames lick up the side of the pan.  I try not to keep the handles on anyway, but the old handles would burn and melt if you let the flames get too big.  The new handles have a metal protector at the bottom, to prevent the plastic from melting.

Old pot handle that’s been melted.
New pot handle.

New Non-stick Coating

The nonstick coating has been improved to “heavy-duty, non-toxic, PFOA- and PTFE-free, slate-black Ceramica® non-stick”.  So far (in the three months we’ve owned the new set), we’ve found it easy to clean.

Old non-stick nestling pans.
The new nonskid is so shiny!

Non-Skid Protectors Now Standard

My new set came with the non-skid protectors.  I hadn’t bought them for my old set, but I think these will really help my set last longer.

Magma pots & pans set with non-skid protectors.

Buy Magma Products’ Nesting Pots & Pans

10-Piece Non-Skid Magma Nesting Pots & Pans Set

This is the set I have and love.

10-Piece Stainless Steel Magma Nesting Pots & Pans Set

Non-Skid Protectors

Five Things I Will Do to Protect My Pots & Pans

  1. Use the right pan for the burner size.  Having the flames lick up the sides of your pot or pan is not good for the cookware, and REALLY not good for the handle.
  2. Use more than just the top pan.  Most of the time when I needed a pan I just grabbed the one from the top.  That meant I used the wide, short pan way more often than I used any other pan, and I wore it out faster.
  3. Use the non-skid pot protectors to avoid scratches while my cookware is stored.
  4. Do not add water to a hot pan to cool it off.
  5. Do not use hard abrasive sponge or pad on the pots and pans, and do not use metal utensils.  We’ve been really good about this already, but it is worth repeating.

Do you have a set of nesting pots & pans?

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