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Fiji Travel Guide: Notes from Four Months

In 2016 and 2017, we spent a total of four and a half months in the Pacific Island nation of Fiji. Fiji is a wonderful place that we loved, with a strong, unique culture and stunning natural beauty. Fiji is modern, with amazing hospitality and nature, which makes it one of our top five destinations….

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A Cruiser’s Education

We have met tons of cruising families while out chasing stars, and it’s obvious that a lot of their time and schedule revolves around homeschooling. Talking to (usually) cruising moms about how they structure classes and spend time teaching their kids got me thinking about how much David and I are learning organically from cruising….

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Saving Recipes Offline

I love to cook! My kitchen back on land life was huge, but not, on my sailboat, I’m confined to a fairly small space. Now, Starry Horizons is bigger than most cruising boats and I have plenty of room to get things done. But I don’t care to carry around a wide selection of cookbooks. I…

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Highlights of 2016

2016 was our first full calendar year of cruising, and It was a fabulous one (I think our best!). We started the new year in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean with family onboard. We cruised the rest of the chain to Grenada, hopped over to Panama, and then transited the Panama Canal before crossing the Pacific…

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Using our Phones

We’ve already covered communications at sea, where we are out of cell phone service.  But what about being near shore?  How do we use our cell phones to communicate with family, friends, and make arrangements on land? Google Voice Transfer Step one for us was to transfer our number to Google Voice.  This allowed us…

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Sailing from Niue to Tonga

This afternoon we arrived in the Vava’u group of Tonga. On our way, we crossed the international date line – meaning we lost a day. Which got me thinking – if we just kept doing a east to west circumnavigation over and over again, we would just keep losing days….wtf?? The passage was easy –…

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One Year Cruising: The Perks

A little while ago I posted about some of the hardest parts of cruising for us.  It’s been a year since we left Florida in June of 2015 and started our cruising life.  Since then, we spent 3 weeks in the Bahamas, sailed up to Nova Scotia, Maine, Bermuda, and back down for three months…

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One Year Cruising: The Challenges

June 18th marked the one year anniversary of our departure from Florida and into full time cruising. Look how far we’ve come! It’s been a year since we left Florida in June of 2015 and started our cruising life.  Since then, we spent 3 weeks in the Bahamas, sailed up to Nova Scotia, Maine, Bermuda, and back down for three…