Post-Earthquake Lombok – A Cruiser Project


Last Updated on November 28, 2019 by Amy

We arrived on the north side of Lombok after a rough two-night sail from the Komodo area.  Marinas in Indonesia are extremely rare, but two of them are on the island of Lombok: Medana Bay Marina and Marina Del Rey.  The Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally was stopping in Medana Bay, and the timing worked well for us, as we needed a place to leave Starry Horizons for 10 days while we flew back home to Denver for David’s grandmother’s memorial service.

The nearly two-hour drive to the Lombok Airport was sobering for us; Lombok had experienced a magnitude 7 earthquake on August 5th, six weeks before our arrival.  The death toll was over 560 people, with over a thousand more injured.

When we returned to Medana Bay, we caught back up with our friends Kimi and Trevor from S/V Slow Flight.  They had spent the entire time we were gone working in the nearby village, building a temporary building for the preschool.  Trevor owned a construction company prior to cruising, so he was the perfect man for the job.  Other cruisers chipped in to help with the construction, as did several volunteers who were involved in other programs.

If you are interested in donating to help the relief in Lombok, we recommend the Helping Hands Program, which had feet on the ground helping the locals.

David and I donated several bags of items to the villagers, but since we were gone, we were unable to assist in the build.  However, we were back just in time to serve as journalists for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The temporary preschool built by our friends.
The new school and the destruction.
Peter, the owner of Medana Bay Marina, bringing supplies into the new school.
Ribbon cutting for one entrance with Trevor.
Ribbon cutting the other entrance with Kimi.
Kimi and Trevor with the students and teachers inside the new building.
The students had an art contest.
At prayer to bless the new school.
Everyone outside the new building.
Indonesian construction.
The area around the school

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