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Last Updated on September 6, 2019 by Amy

April 30, 2017 – Seattle, Washington

This is the presentation we gave at my Grandma’s retirement community in Bellevue, WA on April 30, 2017, covering the first half of our sailing circumnavigation. We cover a lot of topics from how we got started and the basics of Starry Horizons all the way to some of our favorite memories. This is a real behind the scenes look at Out Chasing Stars!

Table of Contents:

  • 0:50 – Start of Presentation
  • 3:37 – Who Are We?
  • What Was Part 1? (5:02)
  • 5:15 – What Are We Planning?
  • 5:49 – How Did We Get Started?
  • 7:01 – Our Boat (Conceptual)
  • 7:30 – Our Route
  • Part II (8:00)
  • 8:12 – Our Boat (Details)
  • 14:04 – The Beginning
  • 18:55 – Where We’ve Been
  • 20:50 – Essential Gear Onboard
  • 30:25 – Communications At Sea
  • 32:28 – What Are Passages Like?
  • 34:37 – Life At Anchor
  • 36:09 – Memorable Moments
  • 40:22 – Favorite Pictures
  • 49:02 – Video Highlights
  • 53:19 – Q&A

One Comment

  1. Hi David and Amy,
    Wow! It was fun watching your presentation all over again and its been long enough ago that it was good to hear details I’d forgotten. I’m glad you printed out most of the questions before your answers, too. David, probably since you were closer to the camera your voice came across clearly but I had to work to hear all Amy said, unfortunately. But, other than that, your presentation was so good. I liked the way you set it up in terms of sequence and I particularly enjoyed your special moments and overall pictures near the end. And there were lots of questions showing lots interest and knowledge of boating on the part of the audience. Thanks all over again!
    Big hugs to each of you!

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