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Cruising Lifestyle

Cruising Lifestyle

Top 5 Best of 2018

This was our fourth calendar year (wow!) living full time aboard Starry Horizons and sailing around the world. We are so lucky to have such amazing adventures. While 2018 was fun, it was a more challenging year than we’ve ever had before. Read the best of 2017. Despite its challenges, the social aspect of our…

Cruising Lifestyle | Indonesia

Visiting the Emergency Room in Labuan Bajo

Indonesia seems to be hitting the cruisers rather hard.  While many have come down with occasional cases of “Bali belly”, others have had more serious issues.  I woke up one morning in Pasarwajo with some troubling symptoms – not debilitating, but concerning. The first thing we did was WebMD the symptoms, and I was feeling…

Cruising Lifestyle

Cruising for Good: Sailing Charities

David and I do not currently ask for donations to fund our cruising kitty via Patreon or other sources from our viewers/readers/followers.  It’s amazing how many cruisers we meet who are helping to fund their trip this way, whether it is super successful, like Riley and Elayna, or just buys a few beers or some…