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Top 10 Best of 2017

Not to brag guys, but our years just keep getting better and better. 2017 was our third calendar year of living aboard Starry Horizons for full time travel, and hands-down it was our best year ever. Here’s a look at the locations and moments that made it so phenomenal. Baby Whale in Ha’apai Definitely a…

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10 Adventures to Inspire You

In this day and age, the internet is filled with people getting the word out about their fabulous adventures!  While we take inspiration from a lot of the obvious ones who are doing similar trips to us (like Delos and Roam), we find travel inspiration in a variety of places.  Here are some adventures we…


Two Days in Coffs Harbour

  This small coastal city welcomed us to Australia quite easily, and we were excited to get out and about for our first taste of this huge country.  While Australia is big, Coffs Harbour is pretty small.  You can fit all these things into two days; one day walking around the shore, and one day…


Memories from Australia

While this is David’s first time in Australia, I visited for three weeks back in August of 2007 – over 10 years ago!  I thought it would be fun to show you some of my photos from my original trip.  I was there with my dad and my brother.  We stayed in hostels, forded rivers,…

New Caledonia

Sailing New Caledonia in the South Pacific

We are so glad we sailed New Caledonia.  It’s just the kind of place we like – natural beauty with remote locations.  We weren’t planning on coming here, but thanks to a guest coming to visit, we changed up our plans. About New Caledonia Traveling to and within New Caledonia without a boat Noumea is…

Cruising Lifestyle

Cruising for Good: Sailing Charities

David and I do not currently ask for donations to fund our cruising kitty via Patreon or other sources from our viewers/readers/followers.  It’s amazing how many cruisers we meet who are helping to fund their trip this way, whether it is super successful, like Riley and Elayna, or just buys a few beers or some…