Top 5 Best of 2018


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This was our fourth calendar year (wow!) living full time aboard Starry Horizons and sailing around the world. We are so lucky to have such amazing adventures. While 2018 was fun, it was a more challenging year than we’ve ever had before.

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Despite its challenges, the social aspect of our cruising this year was amazing. We met so many people in Australia who follow our adventures and made us feel welcome in their country. Then we joined the Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally, and while we have reservations about the rally itself, we made some amazing friendships that have continued throughout the rest of the year.


  • January 1st – July 21st
  • 2,000 nm

Sailing Australia to Indonesia

  • July 21st – July 25th
  • 705 NM


  • July 25th – Nov 7th
  • 2,314 NM


  • Nov 7th – Nov 13th


  • Nov 13th – Dec 7th
  • 533 NM


  • Dec 7th – Dec 31st
  • 205 NM

Red Centre

While on our 6-week adventure driving and flying around Australia we stopped at the Red Centre and spent 5 nights there. We rented a car and drove from Uluru to Alice Springs, and had dinner under the stars, watched the sun rise onto Uluru, and hiked Kings Canyon.

Watching the sunset over Uluru.


We had a rare spell of flat calm conditions to spend in the Whitsunday island group. Our favorite stop was Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island for the beach and the hike, but we also enjoyed diving in Butterfly Bay and watching the sunset on Hamilton Island.

Walking on Whitehaven Beach.

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Sure, we didn’t love Indonesia, especially as a cruising ground, but Komodo National Park has been one of our favorite places ever. The water is super clear, although trash is a big problem. Manta rays are abundant and who can resist visiting the endemic Komodo dragon? Plus, we got to share it with our friend Sarah while also catching up and diving with our friends on Field Trip.

Orangutans at Tanjung Pinang National Park, Indonesia

We don’t sleep overnight away from Starry Horizons often. But we booked a two-night river cruise in Kalimantan, Indonesia – the Indonesian side of Borneo. This is the best place to see orangutans in the wild and is where Dr. Galdikas studied orangutans in their wild habitat. Not only did we see so many orangutans, but we also saw gibbons, proboscis monkeys, and a very rare cat!

A male orangutan at one of the feeding stations.


I had been to Singapore before, but David had never been. We docked at One15 Marina for six nights and spent three awesome days in Singapore. I knew this would be a favorite city for us, and Singapore has only improved since my visit as a teenager. It’s beautiful, clean, and has a great culture, with, of course, fantastic food.

Two of the highlights of Singapore: the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

2019 Plans

For 2019 we will be crossing the Indian Ocean, stopping at exotic places such as the Maldives, Chagos, and Seychelles. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Thanks for making 2018 a fun year!

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