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Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally


Benan, Indonesia

Finally, our last stop in Lingga was the small island of Benan.  After a 5 nm sail, we had finally caught up with the rally!  Benan is a small and delightful fishing village.  It may have been the smallest village for a rally stop. Rally Welcome Ceremony I attended the Welcome Ceremony which was on…


Crossing the Equator in Lingga, Indonesia

The NEXT BIG THING that we were very excited about was crossing the equator with our friends and (former) pollywogs Carlos and Linda on Mirniy Okean.  After two nights at sea, we met up with Mirniy at an island called Kongka Besar, just a few miles south of the equator.  We stayed two nights and…


The North Shore of Bali

After a few nights in Lombok, provisioning and having laundry done through the marina, we took off on September 28th for a quick, 6-hour sail to the island of Bali! You Need to Know Just like Tahiti and Bora Bora, Bali is not a country, it is an island.  Bali is a major holiday destination…


7 Days with Komodo Dragons & Manta Rays in Indonesia

One of the highlights of our entire time in Indonesia was coming to Komodo National Park to see the wildlife.  This park is much more prestine than other places we’ve been and we enjoyed it so much. About Flores and Komodo National Park Located west of Flores Island and east of Sumbawa Island, the Komodo…