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Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally


Festival Pesona Indonesia Budaya Tua Buton

The highlight of our rally so far has been attending the Festival Pesona Indonesia Budaya Tua Buton (Buton’s Festival of Traditional Culture) in Pasarwajo in the Buton Regency.  Pesona Indonesia, the Indonesian tourism board, holds the Pesona Indonesia festivals around the country every year to promote the traditional culture and tourism.  Lucky for us, the…


Banda Neira, Indonesia – the Spice Islands

After a leisurely time in Walir, we made our way over to Banda Neira, the second stop for the rally. We’d spent so long in Walir that most of the rally boats had left. That was just fine with us. Docking in Banda Neira Slow Flight was still in Banda Neira and they greeted us…


Debut, Kei Islands, Indonesia

After four days sailing from Australia to Indonesia, our arrival port in Indonesia was Debut, a small village in the Kei Islands of Indonesia.  This area has many islands, and Debut is on Kei Island.  The main town is called Langgur, and only a small channel is between Kei Island and the next door Dullah…


Introduction to the Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally

After two nights sailing from Hook Island in the Whitsundays, we arrived in Cairns, where we attended the first meeting of the Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally. Why Did We Join the Rally? We’ve never done a paid rally before (the Pacific Puddle Jump is free).  This will be our first time to really cruise…