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New Zealand

Our adventures in New Zealand, cruising and driving our road trip!

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Haul Out at Norsand Boatyard in Whangarei

Most boats cruising the South Pacific Islands come down to New Zealand to hide out from cyclone season.  With easy access to the international airport in Auckland and plenty of marine services, it’s no wonder most cruisers haul out in Whangarei. Why We Chose Norsand Boatyard There are several boatyard choices in Whangarei. We did…

New Zealand

Sailing Opua to Whangarei

We spent three nights sailing down to Whangarei, which is about 26 miles as the crow flies away from Opua, but because both towns are way up their respective bodies of water, we actually went 85 miles around. Departing Opua The forecast for the next few days was dead calm, which is perfect as this…

New Zealand

Bay of Islands Marina in Opua, New Zealand

After a rough passage down from Fiji, we arrived in Opua, New Zealand and did our formalities before docking at Bay of Islands Marina. Facilities The docks are very nice and Bay of Islands Marina is extremely well protected. When we visited they were finishing up an expansion project in the marina, and we were…