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Texas | United States

Galveston Art Tour by Bicycle

I’m a proud Houstonian; I’ve lived there most of my life (from about two years old on).  I graduated high school out in the ‘burbs, bought my first house inside the loop, and my parents still live out in Clear Lake.  And all my life, Galveston has been about an hour drive away; a fun and…

Boat Gear

Magma Products Nesting Pots and Pans Review

I was already a huge fan of my Magma Products nesting cookware set.  I had brought a set over to France when we moved aboard the boat and easily fell in love with them.  However, after four years and some mistreatment on my part, my pans were not doing so well.  Thankfully, while in Langkawi…


Uligamu: Formalities and our First Taste of the Maldives

We arrived in the Maldives from Trincomalee, Sri Lanka after five days at sea with spectacular sunsets and a dolphin escort.  We were dropping anchor on March 27th, our anniversary!  Already, we were stunned by the beauty of these atolls, and excited to be spending 6-8 weeks in the Maldives. Anchoring in Uligamu Anchoring in…

Sri Lanka

Trincomalee, Sri Lanka for Cruisers

After 7 days at sea from Thailand to Sri Lanka, we arrived into Trincomalee (Trinco) which would be our home base for our 25-day stay. Cruising in Sri Lanka Unfortunately, Sri Lanka is not really a “cruising” destination.  Despite its beautiful beaches and pretty waters, the Sri Lankan government severely restricts the movement of foreign boats. …

Sri Lanka

3-Night Safari in Wilpattu National Park

Nine years ago, David and I had a wonderful experience on safari in Kruger Park in South Africa – this is well before Starry Horizons and our 6-year circumnavigation.  We loved the safari trip, and thoroughly enjoyed spotting the big five game animals – elephants, lions, rhinos, wild buffalo….but no leopards! In researching Sri Lanka…