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Visiting the Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand

We’ve been hanging out on Phuket Island for several weeks now.  We hauled out at G&T boatyard for some work, but we bookended our haul out with visits from both of David’s siblings: Thomas first, the first week of January; and then Julie at the end of our haul out.  Both Thomas and Julie wanted…


Haul Out at Phithak Shipyard & Services

Back in Indonesia, we discovered a leaking thru-hull. The water exhaust for the generator was leaking into our main cabin, and we needed to haul out to fix it. Shipyard options for a cruising boat are rather limited. We were working with a schedule; we wanted to haul out after our friends left us in…


Clearing in to Satun, Thailand: Stuck in the Mud

I’m living at a 5-degree angle. Drawers aren’t closing properly with the usual effort. I tripped going up our stairs, unused to the weird effect. David’s nervously pacing up and down the decks of our boat.  Starry Horizons is stuck in the mud, and we’re waiting for high tide. Sailing Langkawi to Satun After cruising…

Cruising Lifestyle

Top 5 Best of 2018

This was our fourth calendar year (wow!) living full time aboard Starry Horizons and sailing around the world. We are so lucky to have such amazing adventures. While 2018 was fun, it was a more challenging year than we’ve ever had before. Read the best of 2017. Despite its challenges, the social aspect of our…