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If we’re going to be stuck in one place, like we found ourselves stuck in Satun, Thailand, we’ll make the best of it.  We spent a week at a hotel in Satun, where we got our first experiences with local Thai food.

Where to Stay

Thanks to the yard debacle, our hotel was covered for us.  We stayed at The Gleam Resort.  I’d checked it out online and it’s probably the nicest place in Satun.  Our stay there confirmed it – our cabin was clean, nice, with great air conditioning.  The two best parts were the landscaping of the grounds which was full of fragrant flowers like plumeria and jasmine and the amazing mattress.  If it had been queen size, I would have smuggled it back to Starry Horizons.

The courtyard oasis.
Our cabin.
Buddhist altar at The Gleam Resort.
A new friend at the Gleam Resort.

Where to Eat in Satun

Our room had a minifridge and we had lots of food aboard Starry Horizons, so we ate our breakfast and lunch in the room.  What a treat it was to go out every night for dinner!

Nong Ni Restaurant

This was our first restaurant to try in Satun, and it serves more traditional Thai dishes.  As this was our first night out in Thailand, we went a little overboard and ordered way too much, but we tried a variety of traditional dishes.

Wing bean salad.
Fried catfish with green mango salad.
Oyster omelet.
Pork ribs.

The staff gave us a menu with English translations and pictures, and when the language barrier proved to be too much, the manager came out to help.  He gave us recommendations from the menu and he did a great job.

Ti Baan

Ti Baan was David’s favorite. Two large chalkboard menus adorn the walls, one Thai, one Western.  The mango lassi was the best one David’s had in a long time (don’t worry, he shared some sips with me).

David’s western meal: chicken with bacon sauce and fries. The fries were really good.
My Thai dish: stir-fried chicken and eggplant.

On’s Bar

On’s has a community feel to it.  It’s the place that encourages you to hang out for a while; books, guitars, a pool table, and board games are available.  The menu is a mix of Thai and Western.  The entrees were unremarkable.  For dessert, though, we shared the banana pancakes, which were awesome.

Playing checkers while waiting for our meal.
My green mango salad.
David’s yellow chicken curry.
Mmmm…banana pancakes.

Saturday Night Market

I didn’t take many pictures at the Saturday night market (except for the below gem).  We enjoyed the night markets in Langkawi, so it’s no wonder we enjoyed ourselves again here.  Wandering the street, we tried fried quail eggs on a stick with sauces, chicken burgers, siu mai (pork dumplings), meat on a stick (probably pork, definitely delicious), poofy sesame balls (that’s the name I’m sticking with), a weird honey/date drink with some kind of seeds in it (okay, I’m loosing you on the names now, aren’t I?) and WAFFLES!

Bobby’s Pizza

Bobby’s Pizza was my least favorite, and unfortunately, we ate there twice.  The pizzas were just mediocre.  Why did we eat out two nights there?  Convenience.  Bobby’s delivers.

MK Hotpot

MK is a chain around Thailand (and beyond) serving hotpot style meals or a la carte.  We shared a platter of roasted pork and bbq pork, sauteed bok choy with gravy, and David had a giant mango smoothie (there’s a trend here).

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