A Cruiser’s First Christmas


There was a lot of debate about what we could get each other for Christmas. There are lots of things we will need to get for the boat, so we kept our wish list to cruiser-approved items, and here are some hits:

For Him:
Global Entry for 2 – expedited entry into the US from foreign countries, plus Pre-Check for domestic travel.
World Lens – augmented reality app to translate written words from English to Spanish or French.
Before you start thinking my Captain didn’t get as many gifts, he got some that were not boating related, but very practical! 🙂

For her:
Tevas – for hiking and running about town.
The Boat Galley Cookbook – I read the blog every week. It will be a great resource to have to understand conversions, substitutions and provisions storage, not to mention the recipes.
The Voyager’s Handbook – which looks to be an indispensable reference for cruising.
Silicone Baking Cups – recommended by The Boat Galley
Courtesy flags – Our US flag for the stern of Starry Horizons, plus France and quarantine flags
Dominos – which we understand to be a fun and popular cruiser’s game
Wine Tumblers – no explanation needed

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Amy's family has a long, storied history on the water! Her dad and grandpa both owned maritime companies, and after her father's death, Amy ran the business. Amy picked up sailing from her dad, and she takes her credit for getting David into it! After selling everything, she's now the Admiral, Chef, Social Coordinator and First Mate aboard Starry Horizons!
  1. He Said Reply

    Hi Jeff,

    Happy to share some of our spreadsheets with you and congrats on your Helia. We’re jealous that your wait is shorter than ours! Where are you going to be keeping your boat?

  2. Jeff OConnor Reply

    Starry Horizons,
    Merry Xmas . It’s been a lot of fun following your adventures so far , we also are picking up a FP Helia 44 end of April
    2014 , well done and keep the spread sheets rolling ( I may need to see them sometime , spreadsheets are not one of my strong points)
    Have a fantastic new year and happy sailing
    Re: Jeff

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