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Swimming with Whale Sharks in Nosy Be

David and I have been trying for SO LONG to swim with whale sharks! We’ve tried several times to find them on our own, but also we paid for two trips to see whale sharks – one in Ningaloo, Western Australia, and one in Ari Atoll, Maldives. Neither time was successful (we even got a…

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Snorkeling Off Your Cruising Boat

Snorkeling is one of our absolute favorite activities when we are cruising.  When the water is clear, I like to get in at least every other day for a snorkel.  It’s great exercise and exposes us to the marine wildlife around us.  Since we’ve been cruising for almost 5 years, we’ve racked up hundreds of…


Ko Phi Phi Don: Hiking & Snorkeling

We visited Phi Phi Don twice; once over the Christmas holidays, and a second time a few weeks later.  Our first impression of Phi Phi over the holidays was not great: it was absolutely packed with people and loud music played every night into the wee hours of the morning.  When we returned a few…


7 Days with Komodo Dragons & Manta Rays in Indonesia

One of the highlights of our entire time in Indonesia was coming to Komodo National Park to see the wildlife.  This park is much more prestine than other places we’ve been and we enjoyed it so much. About Flores and Komodo National Park Located west of Flores Island and east of Sumbawa Island, the Komodo…


Underwater in West Butterfly Bay, Whitsundays

We made two stops on Hook Island.  The first was Stonehaven Bay on the west side, and the second was West Butterfly Bay on the north side.  During our stay on Hook Island, the tradewinds were blowing pretty strong, 20 knots or so, and the nearby landscape funnels these winds around.  It was worse in…

New Caledonia

Sailing New Caledonia in the South Pacific

We are so glad we sailed New Caledonia.  It’s just the kind of place we like – natural beauty with remote locations.  We weren’t planning on coming here, but thanks to a guest coming to visit, we changed up our plans. About New Caledonia Traveling to and within New Caledonia without a boat Noumea is…