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Wild Kangaroos while Cruising Lake Macquarie

We took an all day sail to get up to Lake Macquarie on January 10th. The bar crossing was easy, and we raced a few other sailboats in and snagged the last of three mooring balls in the east side of the bridge. The bridge opens on the hour during the day except for rush…

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What To Do in Brisbane

With David’s family visiting us in Sydney, we took a quick detour up to Brisbane to check out the capital of Queensland that we’ve heard so much about. We also returned a few months later with my best friend, Madeline. Madeline has been one of my best friends since kindergarten, almost 30 years.  She came…


Two Days in Coffs Harbour

  This small coastal city welcomed us to Australia quite easily, and we were excited to get out and about for our first taste of this huge country.  While Australia is big, Coffs Harbour is pretty small.  You can fit all these things into two days; one day walking around the shore, and one day…