Karangahake Gorge and Dickey Flats Campground


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After buying our car in Auckland and spending five days touring the city, we packed up into Fornaxia and took off for our first three sights in our road trip:  Owharoa Falls, the Dickey Flats Campground, and Karangahake Gorge.

Owharoa Falls

Our first stop was Owharoa Falls in Waikino.  The falls are just a 2-minute walk from the roadside lot where you park the car.  The rocks of the falls remind me of a tiered cake!

The Owharua waterfalls.

Dickey Flats Campground

We camped for the night at Dickey Flats Campground.  Our tent was next to the Waitawheta  River among the trees, with a glorious view.

Waking up to the riverside in the morning.

Karangahake Gorge

The next morning we took off on the Crown Track walk, a one hour each way hike that started for us at the campground and ended at the Crown Mines.  The track started by crossing the river with a suspension bridge.  Next, we passed through a 180 m tunnel left over from the mining industry.  Inside the tunnel, we got our first glow-worm experience!   Just past the tunnel is a swimming hole, with some small waterfalls.  The majority of the path follows along the Karangahake Gorge until you reach the Crown Mining site, built in the 1800s.

Glowworms (best viewed on the big screen in a dark room!)
The swimming hole.
David: “Amy there’s some grass in your hair.”
On the bridge over the river.

Watch the Video: NZ Road Trip Part 1: Waterfalls and Glow Worms


  1. No wonder people are so fond of New Zealand! True beauty–and the animal and plant life so unique.

    Hugs, Grandma A.

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