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Sailing in the USVI

David and I talk about the fun to suck ratio a lot.  The USVI was a strong mix, heavier on the suck than we would like it to be.  But we enjoyed some amazing bays and great times with friends. Clearing out of the BVIs After leaving Nanny Cay Friday afternoon, we went straight to…


First Haul Out for a 44′ Catamaran

It’s been a year since Starry Horizons was launched, and that means it’s time for our first haul out!  We went to Nanny Cay on Tortola at the suggestion of our friends Frank and Mary Grace on the Helia ‘Let It Be’. Arrival at Nanny Cay We arrived at Nanny Cay at 4:30 pm and…

Sailing Reports

Sailing Through the Bermuda Triangle

So where to start?  Oh yes…  How about 5 AM about 100ish miles out from Bermuda in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?  It was the middle of my first night watch when I noticed that the true wind speed and true wind angle numbers on our chart plotter would disappear for a few seconds…

The Caribbean

British Virgin Islands: 10-Day Sailing Itinerary

We arrived in the British Virgin Island on November 10th, after a hard five days at sea from Bermuda!  This was the start of the 2015-2016 cruising season, and the British Virgin Islands was the first stop in three months cruising the Caribbean. Ten days is pretty quick to move through the British Virgin Islands…