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Last Updated on September 5, 2019 by Amy

The anti-disclaimer: we didn’t get compensation in any way from The Boat Works.  BUT, we did meet and talk to the owners and a lot of the key staff.  We walked through the entire facility.  We used a ton of amenities.  Basically, we just think The Boat Works provides a great service to yachties and if you are looking to do boat work in Australia, it should definitely be here.

Why We Chose The Boat Works

Our big project to accomplish was our battery replacement.  We got a recommendation from Cat Impi to use Jack from Outback Marine, located in the Gold Coast area.

We had the option of choosing to do our battery work and long-term storage either at two different places or just one place.  Long-term storage options on the hard are actually pretty slim in Australia – and we looked from Sydney to Mooloolaba.

To do our long-term storage and battery work in one place, we were pretty much looking at three choices. We choose The Boat Works because:

  1.  Our contractor for our battery replacement recommended them.
  2. They responded to our emails. (It’s shocking how many marinas I eliminated because of this)
  3. The daily rate for long-term storage was significantly cheaper than anywhere else.
Thanks to The Boat Works for the photo.

A Work Dock

We arrived at the Boat Works in February with 2 weeks to go before our scheduled haul out.  That’s two weeks to get our battery done, plus any other projects that would be easier in the water than on land.

Haul and Launch

The Boat Works has two sling lifts and a trailer lift.  Starry Horizons went up on the trailer and wiggled her way through the streets of The Boat Works and to her long-term storage spot.  The crew was very skilled and incredibly timely.  They get those boats in and out like you wouldn’t believe!

Multihull Solutions

We have to say a special thank you to Multihull Solutions, and especially Anna. The Boat Works stored Starry Horizons in Multihull Solution’s storage area (at the regular rate). Anna kept an eye on Starry Horizons for us and accepted packages.  In exchange, Multihull Solutions had a Helia to view from the ground during their open house and gave one private tour to a couple looking at ordering a Fountaine Pajot.

The Cleanest Yard We’ve Ever Seen

We stored Starry Horizons in the yard for six weeks, then she was moved to the working yard and we had another week of projects.  A few things make this yard the best we’ve ever been to.

The number of marine service companies in the area is astounding.  Between The Boat Works and the neighboring marina, plus the Riveria factory down the road, there are hundreds of service providers.

Most work yards have gravel on the surface.  This kicks up dust and small rocks as boats and cars move around.  The Boat Works has a cement work yard, and the surface is regularly pressure washed.

The Best Amenities of Any Yard

The amenities of The Boat Works make it one of the better marinas we’ve ever been to, and DEFINITELY the best work yard.

One thing you may not realize is that when we are in a marina or yard, we have to stop using our heads (toilets).  Some cruisers in the yard use a bucket (ew), especially when you wake up in the middle of the night.  David and I stick to getting up,  putting flip-flops on, climbing down the ladder, and walking across the yard (yet another plus for the paved surface, wearing flip-flops in muddy gravel results in splatters on the back of your legs).  The Boat Works has very clean and nice Liveaboard Suites with shower and bathrooms.

Most marinas have laundry facilities, but I’ve never been to one that was FREE!  There are several machines at The Boat Works and they are newer and cleaner than anywhere else I’ve seen too.  The washers were HUGE.

Not many marinas have courtesy cars, but The Boat Works has four (including utes/trucks).  Reserving a courtesy car for 3-hours during the week is easy, and you can also reserve them for overnight or the weekend.

While we were there, The Boat Works got courtesy bikes!  Everything in The Boat Works facility is walkable, but if you need to venture over to the neighboring marina, it’s great to have a bike.  You could also bike to the nearest grocery store, or you could just use one of the cars…

Thanks to The Boat Works for the photo.
Thanks to The Boat Works for the photo.

There is one restaurant at The Boat Works and a bakery within walking distance, but both close in the afternoon.  If your fridge and freezer are off for whatever reason, dinner options are pretty slim.  There is a small kitchenette in the Cruiser’s Lounge.  We had breakfast a few times at The Galley and the food was delicious.

Thank you Boat Works!

We’re very pleased with the facility, and had a great experience at the Boat Works.  Thanks again to the whole team there who helped us out!

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Watch the Video: MORE Boat Work at The Boat Works


  1. I was hauled out at the boat works at the same time. Couldn’t agree more…it is indeed a great boatyard. Saw you guys there. I thought you were selling the boat? Anyway glad you’re still cruising.

    Currently parked next to you in northern part of Fraser Island. Cheers, Chuck and Carla on SV Carisse Catana 471

  2. Wow. That is by far and away the most enthusiastic recommendation I’ve ever heard (or seen) you give! Finding such incredible opportunities is always one of my favorite parts of travel. . .

  3. Thanks Amy & David
    Was an absolute pleasure to have welcomed you here for your works.
    We are thrilled to read your blog and wish you both the Very best with your adventures ahead.
    We hope to welcome you once again in the future.

    From all the crew at The Boat Works
    Thank You

  4. Glad the locals are looking after you guys. The Boat Works is a real gem, especially for cats. So glad you are enjoying my home state!

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