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French Polynesia

Tahuata and Nuku Hiva

After visiting the islands of Fatu Hiva and Hiva Oa, David and I took a short 7-mile sail over to Tahuata Island, and then onward to Nuku Hiva.  Tahuata and Nuku Hiva are two islands in the Marquesas group of French Polynesia. Tahuata Island It was only a 7-mile sail to the bay of Hana Moe…

French Polynesia

Fatu Hiva and Hiva Oa

We arrived in Fatu Hiva after a 19-day sail from the Galapagos.  Our plan was to stay two nights in Fatu Hiva before heading on to Hiva Oa.  After a good nights sleep (10 hours!) we woke up prepped and ready to get our feet on the ground. The biggest thing to do in Fatu…

Sailing Reports

We’ve Arrived: Our First Pacific Crossing

We made it! We dropped our anchor in Fatu Hiva this afternoon, and we settled in now. We left Santa Cruz, Galapagos on April 7th.  That makes our passage 18.99 days long (David would be upset if I rounded up!). We averaged 6.84 knots and covered 3,142 nautical miles. Photos Watch Our Video of Sailing…