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Saint Helena

Saint Helena: A South Atlantic Exploration

Like so many places we’ve had the privilege to go to, Saint Helena is not a place many people have visited, or even know of.  It’s incredibly remote, but a beautiful and unique place that we got to visit while sailing across the South Atlantic Ocean on our boat, Starry Horizons. Saint Helena has a…

South Africa

Hiking Table Mountain: Platteklip Gorge

When we visited South Africa in 2010, we did not hike Table Mountain: our friends we were traveling with did, but I think David wasn’t feeling well, so we passed on a hike and spent a day in our hotel relaxing. This visit, I wanted desperately to hike up Table Mountain, and almost four weeks…

Africa | Madagascar

Lokobe Park in Nosy Be, Madagascar

Madagascar is the kind of place where you stop in for a visit and have NO IDEA what you are getting yourself into. It’s a challenging place to plan to visit, and there isn’t THAT much information available online. That’s how I found myself as one of four gringos paddling a traditional Malagasy dugout canoe…


Hiking Nosy Komba, Madagascar

When David and I get an invitation to go hiking, we just can’t turn it down. Our friends Kimi and Trevor on Slow Flight invited us to hike to the top of Nosy Komba with them just two days after we officially arrived into Madagascar. The morning we were due to set off, Kimi messaged…


Two Hiking Fails on Praslin, Seychelles

While our friends Kyle and Lauren visited us in Seychelles, we did A LOT of hiking.  This is no big surprise, as with Kyle’s last two visits we hiked the highest point in Fiji and Pic N’Ga in New Caledonia.  While hiking in Seychelles, we did have several very successful hikes (Curiuse, Valle de Mai,…


Two Days on La Digue

Out of all of our stops while cruising the inner islands of Seychelles, La Digue has been my favorite.  The island is small and quaint, with plenty to do to keep entertained.  It’s touristy, but not too touristy, and it holds onto the Creole culture pretty well. We visited La Digue twice; once with our friends Vishnu,…


Hiking the Copolia Trail in Mahe, Seychelles

We love a hike with a great view, and thankfully there’s plenty of elevation in Seychelles to keep us entertained.  We arrived on our boat to cruise the Seychelles islands and spent almost three months there. While in Seychelles, we welcomed our first set of guests onboard, Vishnu, Frido, and their three-year-old daughter Ranju.  Their…


Meeting Giant Tortoises on Curieuse Island

We’ve been cruising around Seychelles, checking out the islands while having two groups of friends visit: Vishnu, Frido, and the three-year-old Ranju; and Kyle and Lauren.  We’d already seen the coco de mer palm tree at Vallee de Mai in Praslin, and now it was time to see another endemic species:  the Aldabra giant tortoise….