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Sailing Reports

Sailing to Saint Helena

Days at sea: 11.98 Nautical Miles: 1,846 Average speed: 6.42 knots (154 nm/day) Fastest day: 7.5 knots avg (180 nm/day) Slowest day: 5.25 knots avg (126 nm/day) We were lucky to get to spend almost six weeks exploring Cape Town, but it was time to move on and across the south Atlantic! On January 8th,…

Catamarans & Sailing

4,146 NM Sailing Across the Atlantic

We made it!  On January 20th we tied up to the dock in Miami, Florida after 26 days at sea from Las Palmas, Canaries.  We feel quite accomplished having sailed across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. Stats Now that our feet have been on solid ground for a few days, it’s time to…