Running Lines Through The Mast


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Lines on boats are subject to lots of wear and tear over the years. Almost all of our running rigging has been replaced, some of them multiple times. If you simply pull an old line out, you will have a hell of a time getting your new line in! This is why it is best to bind the lines together before removing the old line.

Replacing Our Main Halyard

After crossing the Atlantic, we had a few issues with our main halyard. We replaced the factory standard line with a T900 Dyneema Core line, which has less stretch, more strength, and is slightly smaller.

Supplies Needed

Steps to Connect the Two Lines

  • Thread the whipping thread onto the needle. Set the needle up so that there are no knots in the thread and just a small tail on one side.
  • Align the two lines (old and new) to that they are touching end to end.
  • Pass the needle and thread through the core of the old line, going from the side closest to you, to the far side. Leave a small tail.
  • Pass the needle and thread through the core of the old line, from the side furthest from you to the side closest.
  • Pull the thread enough that the two ends are held close together.
  • Go through the first line again.
  • Rotate the lines 90 degrees and run the needles through each line again.
  • Use your electrical tape to wrap the lines and thread. Make sure the tails are tucked under the tape. Make the tape nice and tight, as it will have to pass through the sheaves and clutches.

Once the connection is set, you can pull the other end of the old line so that the connection runs up and through the mast. Keep pulling until you come to the connection and the new line. Undo the tape and the thread, and voila!

Watch the Video: Running Lines Through the Mast

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