Sailing to Musket Cove, Fiji


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Musket Cove draws the sailing crowd in, but it’s also one of the nicer local resorts in Fiji. Set away from the main island, Musket Cove has old plantation charm.

Malolo Lailai

The most popular stop in the Mamanuca Islands, Malolo Lailai is just 20 km west of Nadi.  It’s a haven for cruising boats, and being just a day-sail away from the western side of Viti Levu means that you can relax in Malolo while waiting for a weather window to clear out.  

The approach is marked well on charts and has channel markers.

Resorts on Malolo

There are four resorts on Malolo; Musket Cove, Plantation Island, Lomani Island, and Malolo Lailai Lagoon.

We only have experience around Musket Cove.  

Anchoring & Mooring at Malolo

The bay in front of Musket Cove is pretty deep – 60 feet – so much of it is taken up with mooring balls.  There are also some very large bommies to avoid, but they are very visible during the day.  Moorings were $18 FJD when we visited.

Paying for the mooring gets you access to the grounds, which includes a small grocery store called Trader’s and a lovely swimming pool.

Musket Cove Regatta

Our second season in Fiji, we arrived into Musket Cove just in time for the Musket Cove Regatta.  A friend of ours had entered his boat (another Helia) and invited us to crew.  

Birthday at Musket Cove

I opted to spent my birthday moored at Musket Cove.  A nice perk of spending an extra season in the South Pacific is how many of our friends from the last year are doing this too. With all these friends around, we had to throw a party!  Six other boats joined in (18 people) and everyone pitched in for a potluck.  We got to catch up with Carthago, Whistler, and Enough at the party, plus our newer friends on Qi, Sandy Cheeks, and Del Viento.


  1. Gosh – looking at the picture of David and Thomas, you’d never guess they were brothers! Sounds like Thomas had an idyllic vacation. You guys are amazing hosts!!

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