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Making Our Way Back South

Baddeck was the furthest north we wanted to go with Starry Horizons while cruising the Bras d’Or Lakes. We had plans to be back in Halifax so we turned around and made our way back south. The trip from Baddeck to Halifax can be done in five days, stopping every night. Baddeck We greatly enjoyed Baddeck. We…


Three Nights on the Cabot Trail Camping

We sailed our boat up from Halifax through the St Peter’s lock and the Bras d’Or lakes before arriving in Baddeck.  Our plan was to get out and see some of Canada’s scenic views – from a car and our tent by driving and camping on the Cabot Trail! Flying in Flying into Sydney (YQY)…


Cruising the Bras d’Or Lakes

Even after four years cruising the world, Nova Scotia is one of our favorite places.  Cruising the Bras d’Or Lakes is the reason why; the lakes are calm and there are so few boats, we often had the anchorages all to ourselves.  The landscape around us was high peaks, lakeside houses, and even vineyards. We…


St. Peter’s Canal & Inlet, Nova Scotia

While sailing along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia is lovely, a massive highlight of our time in Canada – and our whole circumnavigation – was sailing the Bras d’Or Lakes. But first, we had to get to the lakes using the St Peter’s Canal. About St. Peter’s Canal This canal (our first one!) links…

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Five Things to do in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is one of our favorite big cities we’ve visited, and the summer in Nova Scotia is lovely! Halifax Waterfront Along the waterfront are a lot of interesting businesses.  In particular, there are several re-purposed shipping containers.  They serve as an outdoor beer garden, a bike rental shop,  a Segway rental shop, and a kayak rental…