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Travel Fail: Ningaloo Reef

I knew going into this trip that 6 weeks traveling around Australia was a lot of traveling to plan.  I fully expected that something would go wrong.  I just didn’t expect everything to go wrong in one week! Booking a Whale Shark Swim The first trouble was back when we were in Bondi.  We’d just committed to…

Australia | Travel & Sailing Blog

5 Nights in the Red Centre

My body sways with the bus, which bumps along the road in the dark.  It’s very early, and pitch black outside in Australia’s Red Centre.  I’m not the least bit tempted to sleep, though.  Out the window to my right shines the milky way, easily visible despite the headlights of the bus.  On my left…

Australia | Travel & Sailing Blog

We Went Surfing at Bondi Beach!

What trip to Bondi Beach would be complete without surfing? While trying to sort out flights for this whole 6-week Australia trip, it seemed impossible to get to Uluru or Alice Springs direct from anywhere, except Sydney.  We’d already spent a few weeks in Sydney in a few amazing anchorages, celebrating New Year’s Eve, and…

Australia | Travel & Sailing Blog

Tasmania in 8 Days

When I asked my friends to critique our travel plans around Australia, many people said to spend more time in Tasmania and less time in Australia’s big cities. And those friends know us well because Tasmania is exactly our kind of place. What We Would Do Differently Not to start off on a negative, but…

Australia | Travel & Sailing Blog

Adelaide to Melbourne Road Trip

After our 2 nights in Canberra, a direct flight takes us to Adelaide.  One of the biggest attractions in Australia is the Great Ocean Road, which lies outside of Melbourne.  It’s not the most direct route, but we had a fantastic time taking 6 nights and seven days along the way. Two Days in Adelaide…