The Caribbean

Sailing Saint Lucia: Rodney Bay, Marigot, & Soufrière

We’ve been cruising the Caribbean for 3 months on our boat, Starry Horizons.  We spent 13 days sailing Saint Lucia, stopping at the towns of Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay, and Soufrière. Chartering in Saint Lucia We were cruising Saint Lucia via our own sailboat, but there are charter bases in Saint Lucia.  The Dream Yacht Charters itinerary includes going…

The Caribbean

Dominica: Rugged Jewel of the Caribbean

About Dominica This is the most we have seen of any single island in the Caribean. If you don’t know much about Dominica, you should know it’s tiny!  Not just size, but it is the most undeveloped country in the Carib. Unfortunately, I think Dominica has to deal with a lot of issues within the country….

The Caribbean

Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

We’re cruising our way through three months in the Caribbean.  We’d spent eight days on Basse Terre, the main island of Guadeloupe, and had just two nights in Îles des Saintes, also known as Les Saintes.  Looking back, Les Saintes was one of our highlights in the Caribbean, and we wish we’d spent more time…

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Sailing Guadeloupe for Ten Days

About Guadeloupe Guadeloupe is a region of France in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean.  While it’s commonly referred to as having one main island, there’s actually two big islands (Basse-Terre to the west and Grande-Terre to the east), plus La Désirade, Marie-Galante, and the Îles des Saintes.  Guadeloupe gets a bit confusing; Basse-Tere is the island, the district,…