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Since we still have almost a year until Starry Horizons will be built and in the water (though the last month since we started the buying process has flown by!), I find it helpful to watch a few videos of other Helias to remind ourselves of what we have to look forward to.  Every once in a while, I’ll link to a few in this blog, but these two are a couple of my favorites:

This is the official Fountaine Pajot video for the Helia 44, but it’s got some beautiful shots of the boat under sail as well as some good interior views as well.


This video shows Maple Cookie sailing around the BVIs.  Lots of great angles of a Helia doing what its supposed to do: sail.

  1. Joe Reply


    I just bought some 3M Crystalline 90 for a science project. It blocks over 95% of the infrared light, but passes 90% of visible light. So it really reduces the heat build up. There’s a stronger tint version, with stronger heat blocking abilities also.

    Hope that you can try it out, so you can see through the windows, and keep cool!

    • He Said Reply

      Thanks for the post Joe! I had thought about something like that, but am not sure how it would hold up in a marine environment. Any idea?


  2. Pete Williams Reply

    Thanks for your kind comments on our video. We took delivery of MapleCookie in summer and had 2 fantastic weeks on board videoing everything so we can dream of the tropics during the cold Canadian winter. I think your comments on the tramp are interesting & wish we had thought about that. The standard one digs into you after you lie on it for a while, but we found that the upper deck is actually where everyone hangs out (not sure which is the chicken & which is the egg). One option we took that I was against were the window screens. I gave in eventually, but am so glad we took them. You can see out perfectly, but it really keeps the boat cool. We took them off one day for a photo shoot and you could literally feel the boat warming up.

    Helia #1 upper deck backrest was very low and we asked FP to raise ours. They did this, but I am not sure if it became a standard. I would recommend checking this out with them – it makes a huge difference.

    Congrats on the boat & good luck!

    • He Said Reply

      Hi Pete!

      I think your video is by far the best Helia sailing video on the net right now. Its where I automatically go when I want to imagine how awesome sailing Starry Horizons will be. However, just a warning, I plan on trying to put together some video myself someday, so hopefully I can challenge your throne!

      Many thanks for your suggestion about the window screen and upper deck backrest. We’ll add those to our seemingly endless list of things to chat with our dealer about. Hope we get to run into you out on the water someday, preferably in a warmer climate than those Canadian winters!

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